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the crusaders – how to paint their armor

hello everyone,

last month i started with a new space marine army. i called them “the crusaders”. details about background, etc will come with other articles. with this article -which will be kepts very short- i only want to describe how to apply the basic colorscheme which is based on bleached bone. but before continueing i’d like to show you a picture of the minis already painted:

3finished the crusaders   how to paint their armor

this minitutorial i’m using the terminator on the right which comes from a new space hulk set.

the reason i’m wrtiting this article is, because i was asked to describe my technique quite ofter, after i was mentioning that this paitinscheme allows me to paint a complete miniature within less than 100 miunutes. a reason for this is, that the basic colors are based on drybrushing and inking.

but here we go …:

armor 1 the crusaders   how to paint their armor

i started with a black (chaosblack) undercoat. then the drybrushing started. to get a clean result and avoid loosing the details when applying more than one layer it is important to be very careful. this means that it’s normally better to apply less color with the first layers and to use the last layer to make the miniatures in this status looking equal. and even if they do not all have exaclty the same tone it won’t be a problem because of the inking with gryphonne sepia that follows. but any way heree’s the order of colors for the drybrushing:

adeptus battlegrey => codex grey => dheneb stone => bleached bone.

than, after inking the mini with gryphonne sepia and waiting until it dried (i’m normally using a hairdryer to speed it up a bit) it should look like terminator in the lower left corner of the picture shown above.

and that’s it for the basic scheme. now it is time to apply some details according to your individual taste.

termidetails the crusaders   how to paint their armor

i was mainly using mechrite red inked with gryphonne sepia and boltgun metal/dwarf bronze inked with bhadab black this time. the seal are colored with 2 layers of dheneb stone and the gems with snot green/dark green ink and some white.

and this is how the result could look like:

terminator finished the crusaders   how to paint their armor

thanks for reading …



  1. Richard sagt:

    thanks for sharing :)

  2. Iosh sagt:

    Absolutely staggering. All of it. All the time.
    Long have you been an inspiration to my muse and me. Thank you, for your insanity, and your dedication to perfecting it.
    Amazing. I need a tutorial, or several hundred.

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