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RC Shadowsword designconcept finished.

in my humble opinion up to now the shadowsword is by far the best looking and coolest tank based on the baneblade chassis. and now that gw is about to release its’ own shadowsword i thought this would be my last chance to motivate myself to build my own version. the idea was to start this project, before being able to simply buy one. additional to that this gave me the chance to change some things i did not like about the existing patterns. i think FW’s design is quite perfect, but when standing right next to baneblade it seems like both tanks come from a completely differten age. well … i know that they really do, but now that i have the chance to chance that, i’ll at least try to do so.

shadowswordmitlabel.jpg picture by Bettina_B

the first thing i wanted to change was the main turrets shape. i wanted to keep the round an curved character of the baneblades turret and therefore kept it as starting point for my version. another thing i didn’t like about the turret was that  it is to quadratic and modern compared to the baneblade.  i think i solved this by changing also the turrets rear in way that i now covers just the gun and nothing else.

further  i wanted to integrate a real bb-gun in one of my rc-tanks. all other tanks from gw are too small. even the baneblades turret’S not big enough to house working gun. this and the arguments metioned above “forced” me to design the turret as it is now: just big enough for the gun, also having the baneblades curved parts and additional to that not the rear we are used to from the FW one.

P1020631-1.jpg picture by Bettina_B

P1020632-1.jpg picture by Bettina_B

P1020627-1.jpg picture by Bettina_B

P1020625.jpg picture by Bettina_B

another thing i wanted to have was a gunner standing in the tanks front section, firing the heavy bolters. the reason for that is a quite simple one: i don’t like gws’ solution for their upcoming model. of course this cost me some space from the tanks interior volume, but as is saw that there’s still enough left for the batteries, i started building this lookout, that can be accessed through a sliding door, i took from a land raider.

P1020463.jpg picture by Bettina_B

P1020465.jpg picture by Bettina_B

last thing characterstic for my design is the unique side-armor, allowing you to see the complete driving-wheel. to be honest i planed something like this, but in the end the reason for really doing it was a more practical one: the custom made wheels got little wider than the distance between tank and armor. so this was the easiest solution. and i think it really looks great and much more brute than with the armor covering it.

that’s it for the design part…. a pretty short article, but i think there’s nothing more to say. and if i’ll find something else to post, i’ll let you know in one of the next articles on the shadowsword which will describe another rubric of this project.

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    These rc tanks are superb..


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