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- new article releaased: http://bobpanda.de/warhammer/allgemein/the-crusaders-how-to-paint-their-armor/

-  new video on youtube:


- today i added some pictures to my irons sons gallery. furthermore i created a new gallerytab for my the crusaders, which is my army recently started.

- last weekend i found soem time to assemble the rc-stormlord and create a little demonstraionvideo for you:


- yeah !!! i’m back.


- today i started to paint my iron saint. here’s the corresponding vird on youtube.:


- new vids released …




- today i made a new vid of bb #1 which is almost finished, now … :


i also installed 2 additional batteries and continued with the paintjob. unf i broke my right hand 2 weeks ago … so i have to do everythign with the left hand, now … – this is also the reason why there aren’t many updates on my projects at the moment. … – sorry for that …

- new article released: RC-Baneblade Tutorial Part 2 ….

- new article released: RC-Baneblade Tutorial Part 1 ….

- hi there, today there are several really great things to mention.

=> first of all i created a new tab for my spacewolves-gallery.

=> and than i wanted to let you know, that my army was chosen for the kick off of heresy-online’s new ArmyShowcase, which makes me really proud. here’s a link to this feature in heresy-online: http://www.heresy-online.net/forums/showthread.php?t=36252

- 2 new videos released showing my two rc-superheavies in action …. :


- added some pics of my cabinet in the gallery

- new site/tabcard released: ongoing activities ….

- back from malaysia and continueing to work on the titan … – updates on this page will follow! … :-)

- further i wanted to inform you, that in about 10 hours i’ll fly to malaysia for about 4 weeks. i don’t know yet, how often i’ll find the chance to update this page during this time. this is one of the reasons, why i released 3 new articles today. but any way, please feel free to leave feedback on all articels already released and i’ll promise that i’ll try to update this page as soon as i’ll be close to a gateway. :-)

- new articel released: rc land raider.

- new article released: contructiondetails about the buggys

- new article released: DEATH HUNTERS

- new article released: 2nd part of the lords landraiders buildlog …. :-)

- new article released: dreadrider buildlog.

- new article relaesed about my lords landraider.

- new article released … : dreadrider. background and general info ….

- further i almost finished my first rc-landraider. here’s a vid showing all 3 rc-tanks in action …. :

- today i made this vid to demonstrate the cannon once more, by shooting at an old leaf haning from my titan. further you can see that i added a gunner on top.

- this evening i continued working at the wolftitans head. … here’s a small vid giving you the latest status …

- GOOD NEWS !!!!!! some of you might remember the reason why i stopped working on my big wolflord-titan ?! … – it was because i had no good ideas how to proceed with the main weapons. …. this morning while i took a shower suddenly the key-idea came to my mind. :-) => this means that there’l be also an updateon this project soon.

- as promised bellow …. here’S the shootingtest …. :-)

- btw: why is  nobody leaving any comments on my projects ???? :-( … in the last two weeks i had thousands of visitors, but unf. only one single comment. …. => cmon’ guys …. gimme some comments on my blogs and projects … ;-)

- yeah !!! … yesterday evening i got the microswitch to control the shadowswords shooting-machnism with. today before going to work i found some minutes time to test it. AND IT WORKS !!!! …. – when i’ll come this evening, maybe i’ll find the time to install it and create a little vid for demonstration purpose.

- new article released: wolfblade – stormlord- macharius. … => article about a banebladeconversion i made quite a while ago.

- new video online !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

- article released: cannon part 1 … shadowsword.

- gallery updated

- new article released: shadowsword design.

- comments can now be postet with just entering the comment and name. email, etc no longer mandatory !!! :-) => please leave some comments! …

- new article about wolflord-titan released. (head)

- back from malaga, bobpanda catched a cold