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Remote Controlled Land Raider -Crusader

Remote Controlled Land Raider
- introduction -
i always wanted to combine my liking for rc-models and toys with warhammer40000. further, for a space marine player the land raider is the ultimate tank. => than with the new redeemer released, i had no other choice than to rc it.
up to this moment there were 2 great projects regarding [...]

my lords land raider – part2: gunners and a dozerblade.

- part 2: gunners and a dozerblade-
building a adequate vehicle for a wolflord
i think today there’s no need for an introduction or something …. because most of you should have already read the first part of this series which was about the reliefs. this article should be seen as  the second part to complete the conversions- and [...]

my lords land raider – part1: the relief

- part 1: the relief -
building a adequate vehicle for a wolflord
up from the moment when the new plastic landraider came out quite many years ago, i always wanted to build the tank, this article will be all about: a very unique and special landraider-conversion for one of my space wolves’ greatest heroes. i wanted to create something  that would  really [...]