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general information:

in this page / tabcard you’ll find infos and updates about my currently ongoing activites regarding building and painting.

the reason why i decided to release it here and not in an article is, because in contrast to my articles, in this place i want to inform you maybe daily update the latest status by providing new, small updates, as soon as there’s something new to tell, or new progress made. therefore i’ll handle this page like ma “the latest news”-page. of course i’ll also keep on writing and releasing articles about already finished project as well. further i’m also planing to put the stuff released here into “real” articles, as soon as it will be finished. having done so, i’ll remove the related stuff from here again, to keep this place easy to overview.

the stuff about the most recent things i did will appear on top. i won’t give much backgroundinfo regarding specific miniatures in this page, because as said before this place is more ment to provide an overview about ongoing stuff. the details will follow later, as soon as the miniatures will make it into “real” articles.

P1040573 general gallery

DSCN1436.jpg picture by BobPanda

DSCN1650.jpg picture by Bettina_B

P1020238.jpg picture by Bettina_B

P1020232.jpg picture by Bettina_B

DSCN1641.jpg picture by Bettina_B