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P1040195-1-1.jpg picture by Bettina_B



the bloodclaws:

P1040348 SpaceWolves

P1040352 SpaceWolves

the terminators:

P1040356 SpaceWolves

P1040362 SpaceWolves

dreadnought, dreadrider and wolfrider:

P1040367 SpaceWolves

P1040369 SpaceWolves

P1040373 SpaceWolves

my lords LandRaider:

P1040374 SpaceWolves

P1040377 SpaceWolves

P1040379 SpaceWolves

P1040380 SpaceWolves

P1040381 SpaceWolves

werewolf titan:

P1040384 SpaceWolves

P1040385 SpaceWolves

P1040386 SpaceWolves

P1040387 SpaceWolves

P1040390 SpaceWolves

P1040391 SpaceWolves

my priests LandRaider:

P1040395 SpaceWolves

P1040396 SpaceWolves

P1040398 SpaceWolves

3rd LandRaider:

P1040399 SpaceWolves

P1040401 SpaceWolves


P1040404 SpaceWolves

P1040405 SpaceWolves

P1040408 SpaceWolves


P1040409 SpaceWolves

P1040411 SpaceWolves

P1040414 SpaceWolves

razorback and rhino:

P1040417 SpaceWolves

P1040419 SpaceWolves


P1040420 SpaceWolves

P1040421 SpaceWolves

P1040422 SpaceWolves

P1040423 SpaceWolves

P1040424 SpaceWolves


P1040432 SpaceWolves


P1040436 SpaceWolves

P1040440 SpaceWolves

paint in progress:

P1040441 SpaceWolves

IG – reinforcements:

P1040453 SpaceWolves

Runepriest =>  nmm-paint in progress:

priest SpaceWolves