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RC Shadowsword – cannon – part1

what is the most important component of a tank without transport capacity ??? – the CANNON !!!!

of course i know, that there are different types of tanks existing. and depending on their function the cannon is not always that important as it is at a shadowsword.

RC Shadowsword designconcept finished.

in my humble opinion up to now the shadowsword is by far the best looking and coolest tank based on the baneblade chassis. and now that gw is about to release its’ own shadowsword i thought this would be my last chance to motivate myself to build my own version. the idea was to start this project, before being able [...]

RC Shadowsword – tracks n’ wheels

as the title already says, in this article i’ll tell you how hard it can be to search for tracks fitting for a tank, based on the baneblade layout.
if you want to build a tank you need tracks. without tracks you won’t manage to build a tank running on tracks. – sounds quite logicaly, doesn’t it? [...]

RC Shadowsword Introduction

Now that i already gained some experience with my other quite simple rc-projects, i decided to start with something bigger, better, more detailed and with that also more expensive
the decission to build a shadowsword was more a practicle one, caused by the fact that i decided to integrate a real 6mm BB-gun. unfortunately the guns [...]