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Constructiondetails about the Death Hunters

- how to combine warthogs with land speeders -

the most important part in this conversion is the the following one, which is the seatsection, taken from a land speeder. simply cut this part, at the green line ….


here you can see how this part should look like after it was cut:

Photobucketnow cut off the edges like this:

as you can see, now it should already fit into the warthogs chassis:

but the legs are still too long. so to make the warthogs floor fit, we need to cut them even with the chassis lower edge…


than they should look like this:

inserted in the chassis, again ..:

… and with  some additional interior installed.

now that the seats are done, let’s continue with the running-gear: as you can see in the next image there are three cylindric elements on the floorplate. those we’ll need to get rid off, otherwise we won’t be able to fit the modified upper part in, properly.

i simply polished this section with my dremel until it was even:

on the next pic, you can see the floorsection attached to the uppersection, that contains the seats. bellow that you can see the running-gear, that should fit into the gap below the seats …

thant’s it … ! … and now,  just to give you some additional impressions, e.g. for size comparison purspose, here are 2 additional pics, with which i’ll end this short, but hopefully helpful article. … 

thanks for reading, BobPanda.


  1. Michael Roestenburg sagt:

    This also looks really good!
    I have got a question, where did you get the warthog model from?


  2. sascha sagt:

    ich liebe diese dinger^^
    ich mus mir auch son teil zu legen die sind einfach zu cool

  3. saint ignatious sagt:

    wich scale warthog should i be using? could you post alink to one available fr perchase or somthing? message me back, thanks!

    1. BobPanda sagt:

      ebay. …. :-)
      warthog3 series from mcfarlane. about 11€ each.
      they come with a small mount which is easy to remove. …

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