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wolflord – head


-a place to put a brain in-


as i announced before, here’s my new article dealing with the titans head.

up to now the head’s not finished, because i still haven’t had enough good ideas how to finish the heads sidestructure with including a ammo-feed for the integrated vulcan mega bolter. so i decided to leave the head as it is until the key-idea regarding this issue would have come. but anyway, i decided to share its’ current states creating process with you and simply update the article, as soon as the head will be finished. and now …- let’s get down to business! … 

DSCN1177mod.jpg picture by BobPanda

with the legs almost done, i finally was enabled to start thinking about the main body. – it’s shape, size, design, — the whole layout. as almost always, some ideas came to my head while i was working on another projects. i immediately  picked the next pencil and started drawing on my desk. while drawing it became more and more clear, that the wolfhead integrated in the sw-backpack could give a perfect model of what i was searching for …. to give you an idea of what i’m talking about, here’s a pic showing the drawing on my desk. i also added some lines and colors with mspaint to it …


… so i realized that when using a physique like this, the head would become the torsos key-element. therefore it was very important that compared to the legs it it would neither become too big, nore too small. to ensure having met the perfect size, i cut the heads raw shape from foamboard and arranged it, together with the legs on my kitchentable.


DSCN1199.jpg picture by BobPanda

at this point in the building process i still thought that in the end the titans final composure would be ducked and stalking.- later i realized that espacialy with this head schema, this would make it look more like a t-rex or raptor than an imperial titan. but that’s something i’ll tell you in detail, when it comes to the torsos article. ;-)

DSCN1220.jpg picture by BobPandafor now, i was quite happy with the concept and therefore finally started building the head as close to the sketch as possible. to accoomplish this, i used a quite simple technique to 3d a 2d-sketch: the main idea is, to simply use the sketch as a kind of template upon whichs surface you directly start building the later model.  i think the 2 pics on the right should give you a good impression of what i mean. … further you can see, that i always use finished models (in this case one of my bloodclaws) to ensure a pefect fitting scale.

going togehter with the idea to keep it as realistic as possible i also had to take care for designing the interior as well. the maincomponents i defined to be mandatory were:

  • a cockpit, which was ment to leave the “drivers” visible from the outside.
  • a door leading from within the titan into the head.
  • a ladder or something bringing the crew to the cockpit.
  •  a mouth big enough for a space marine to stand upright without any problems.

    DSCN1219.jpg picture by BobPanda

as you can see in the pics, the bitz i decided to use came from a land speeder for the cockpit, and from old necromunda-scenery for the doorsection. the ladder was also cut from a old necromunda wall. already now, it becomes quite clear, that there’d be a lot of  free space left to be used, directly on top of the upper jaw. normaly there should be something giving the rough shape of a nose to ensure the head could still be clearly identified as a wolfhead when it will be finished.

after quite a while of thinking how to realize that, not only by just giving the armor the necessary shape, but also implementing some functionality giving it a certain use, i remembered another project i build in nov-07, where i equipped a baneblade with a vulcan mega bolter using parts from a landspeeder.


DSCN1263.jpg picture by BobPanda




that and the fact that i remembered a couple of pretty old articles and pictures where imperial titans where described as sometimes being equipped with headmounted canons, caused me to implement such a vmb and use its’ muzzles as nostrils.  after adding some sidearmor, using imperial dozerblades and attaching some teeth made of spikes from the defiler, the head already almost looked like this: 

DSCN1547.jpg picture by BobPanda

of course i also added some further detail in the cockpitsection, checker plate on the floor  and some structur on the flanks.

DSCN1548.jpg picture by BobPanda

 of course the head was far still far from being finished. but to be honest at that point i was already pretty tired of head-building. so i decided to quickly finish the easy parts, and those i already knew exactly how to build and than cotinue with the main body. some armor here and there … some more teeth and some front-teeth working as a kind of ramp or door. …

now the head still looks exactly as in the following pics. i hope you enjoyed reading this article.

the next one on this projects will either be about the hips and lower torso or about the weapons and upper torso … – we’ll see … :-) DSCN1561.jpg picture by BobPandaDSCN1556.jpg picture by BobPanda



  1. Kristoffer sagt:


    I love your modelling – could you in some way post the images which was supposed to be on this page?


    thanks in advance

    p.s. i tried contacting you via coolminiornot :)

    1. BobPanda sagt:

      hi kristoffer,
      thanks or your comment and sortry, that the images rom the other thread are gone.
      at the moment i’m on a 4-week trip through malaysia and therefore only seldomly online.
      but i’ll be back in 2 weeks and than provide all info and pics you requested, ok?! … :-)

  2. Michael Roestenburg sagt:

    This really looks like an angry wolfs head!!


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