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Wolflord on Wolfdread aka Dreadrider

lets start to build

when building something new from scratch the most important thing is, to keep an eye on the proportions. with this specific model it was relatively easy to keep everything harmonic, because there are only two parts that need to fit together in the end: the head and the remaining body. everthing else is just accessoires. so i started with the body:

first i took an old plasticdread from my bitzbox, attached the arms of a furioso the other way round and finaly glued the cybots bottom to a pair of  legs coming from a old sentinel. i evaluated the arms as being too short and therefore replaced the claws by ordinary cybotlegs.  if you believe it or not, to get this basic body scheme only took me about 10 minutes.

DSCN3412.jpg picture by BobPanda







DSCN3415.jpg picture by BobPanda




now that i knew how big that beast would become, i finally could start building the head. this was really fun, because i started graping everything from my bitzbox, i judged as possible compnent … in the end it looked like this:


DSCN3432b.jpg picture by BobPanda

after some arranging and rearranging here and there it was almost clear what to use and what not. so i glued everything together and got a head that was more a giant denture, than a complete head, … but at least the chops could still be opened and closed… :-)

DSCN3434.jpg picture by BobPanda

DSCN3438.jpg picture by BobPanda








now it was time to add the eyes, ears and cheeks. attachd to the body it looked like this … :

DSCN3453.jpg picture by BobPanda

DSCN3455.jpg picture by BobPanda








in the picture bellow you can see, that i simply used the dreadnoughts midsection to connect the head with the body.

DSCN3463.jpg picture by BobPanda

DSCN3459.jpg picture by BobPanda

and now it was time for some greenstuff:

DSCN3464.jpg picture by BobPanda

DSCN3465.jpg picture by BobPanda

further i’d also already started to build the rider, yet. his legs are coming from old plastic terminators. the torsos back as well, combined with a breastplate from the sw-sprue. the arms are from an old grey knight terminator. the balustrate was taken from the chaos vehicle accessoires.  and the centerpiece is a bikerpiece, that some of you might already have noticed on the image that showed the potential parts for the head … ;-) . i simply rearranged the arms and filled the biggest gaps with GS. further i integrated a flamethrower and a melter in the head. and to make it look more space wolf like, a sw-icon on top of the forehead.

DSCN3467.jpg picture by BobPanda


DSCN3478.jpg picture by BobPanda

i also attached a cape at the rider and -of course- some pelts.

from above it was already looking pretty good, now … but somehow now the the body had become realy big and strong, the rear legs seemed to be much too weak to carry such a big beast …. DSCN3485.jpg picture by BobPanda

DSCN3626.jpg picture by BobPanda

DSCN3621.jpg picture by BobPanda

… so i decided to bolster them up, by adding a addtional leg on each side ….

on the left you’ll find a pic that shows you the bottom of the mainbody. the metal parts are taken from a typhoon landspeeder. you can also see, that i simply attached the dreadnought backmodule upside down, exactly where it was initialy ment to be. …


now i started really getting into detail: the rider got his face and a beard. further i added a ring from the vehicle sprue to fill the gap above the beasts neck.DSCN3633.jpg picture by BobPanda

in the following pic -if you look closely- you will also find the lords helmet, additional icons from forgeworld, a tail attached to the beasts rear, some chains and the top of a space wolve banner…

DSCN3647.jpg picture by BobPanda

as base, i simply cut a round plate from plasticard and glued some stones and ruines on it …

DSCN3650.jpg picture by BobPanda

DSCN3652.jpg picture by BobPandaDSCN3651.jpg picture by BobPanda 







this already brings us to this articles end …. – i hope you enjoyed reading it and maybe found some inspiration.

as always, comments are welcome. ….

the next article in this series will be about the paintjob i applied.

and last but not least i’ll end this article with i picture that is -imho- some kind of funny. i made it to demonstrate the size this model finally got …. :

DSCN3655.jpg picture by BobPanda


  1. ade sagt:

    thanks for sharing that with us…..inspirational!!!!!!

  2. titus sagt:

    booooob!^^ der hammer. ich bin sprachlos. haste schon bemalt das biest? ich bin echt baff. klasse, klasse!

  3. Foxbot sagt:

    great work mate!!! would it be alright if i tried to make one? if so, on the bits picture you posted number next to them could you say whaty bit they are and what box they are from? il be very greatful!!

    many thanks and keep up ur work

  4. cecil taylor sagt:

    man this is amazing i’m thinking of giving it a bash, did you make any gaming rules for it i’m thinking of a bio as i’m thinking this would be a great addition to my army any chance you could email is to me on this address cecilrocks21@hotmail.co.uk cheers man great conversion .


  5. Michael Roestenburg sagt:

    Wow!!! This looks really great!!!
    I think you have a bits box the sice of big truck or something.
    Keep up the good work.


  6. thierry B. sagt:

    Dear Bob, it was so awesome the first time i saw your model, that a few months ago, i decided to try to build mine for my SM (SMC) chapter.
    But i donnot want just to copy your model, so i take your step by step description, and i try to complete my one, changing a few parts (the head : for me a elven dragon plastic head, the rear queue : equal a plastic part of an elven dragon). I was able to build 3 different models, and at this moment i try to build a fourth with barbed queue and wings (just for fun).
    thanks for your awesome model (the warhound titan : wahou, marvelous)
    I wait new photos and new creation of your part.
    sincerely, french friend & hobbi fan

  7. Superb blog post, I have book marked this internet site so ideally I’ll see much more on this subject in the foreseeable future!

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