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Space Wolves – Death Hunters

Halo # 40k => Landspeeder 4×4

Today i’d like to share my Death Hunters with you. Now you might ask: what the hell are “death hunters” ???…. i’ll tell you, but first of all, let me give you some background-information.

space wolves death hunters

there are some things about space wolves, that everyone collecting them should take care for: they don’t like to teleport, they don’t like small rooms ….. , and last but not least thy do not like antigrav-technilogy. the issue mentioned last and the fact, that my army still needed some fast units, caused me to search for an alternative verhicle. finally i found mcFarlanes warthog from the halo3-series fitting perfectly for 40k. – i searched the web and found out, that once again, i’d probably be the first one to try this. as i started with the first vehicle the response from sip,b&c,gw-fanworld etc was stunning and the feedback positive in most cases. => i decided to build 3 complete squadrons, each consisting of 3 buggys.

a new unit was born. and i named them:


i think the best thing about these warthogs is, that they do not only provide the perfect size for matching them with space marines, but do also bring quite good detail and quality with them. they can be  disassembled without much effort, simply by removing some screws. further do the landspeeders seats fit almost perfectly in those vehicles, as soon as the oringinal ones are removed.

squadron 1:

Master of the Death Hunters:


and here’s the seccond buggy of the first squad …. eqipped with 2 heavy wepons:


and here’s the last buggy of this squad … :


squadron 2: 

with the first squad done it was time to start with the second one: this time i wanted to eqip all of them with heavy bolters only. i wanted to make the group look like, as if they were currently not directly involved into fighting, but maybe on their way home from a battle, or on patrol. therefore i decided to give the crews cool and relaxed poses.

here’s the first buggy, that also carries the Death Hunters banner into battle:


and now the 2nd one: … with the gunner sitting in the back and the co-driver also chilling …


and the last one: … i really like the gunner cape …


squadron 3:

this squad will be the the last one. in contrast to the 2nd squad it will be equipped with multimelters. their job on the battlefield will be to seek and destroy those tanks, which could be dangerous for one of my titans … here we go:

let’s start with the first buggy: i think this buggy is my favorite of all nine. i call this one the “heavy metal buggy” … check out the following pics and you’ll know why. ;-) … simply imagine this one racing over the battlefield with ac\dc-s highwayto hell drumming out of the buggys speakers.


as you can see at the 2nd buggy of this squad, this time i gave the crews much more dynamic poses. the reason was, that i wanted to make this team look as if they were curretnly involved into a ongoing battle. this is why the gunner of the next buggy is searching for the next targets with his binoculars:


and now…. the last buggy. nothing special this time: the gunners sitting on the roll-over bar, checking his auspex … :



now that all buggys are shown, i’ll finish this article. i’m planing to write another one soon, in which i’ll describe exactly how such buggys can be made, for all those, who want to give it a try … ;-)

thanks for reading,



  1. Michael Roestenburg sagt:

    I would love to see these buggy’s on the battlefield!
    You will have won for starters because your opponent is so impressed with the models!


  2. sascha sagt:

    echt coole sache.
    warthogs in 40k das is ne geniale mischung und mal ne geschmeidige abwechslung von den plumpen eckigen formen der restlichen fahrzeuge des imperiums

    1. BobPanda sagt:

      well i think i was … but this of course can’t be said for sure. but i think my chances are pretty good as this halo series from mcFarlane was pretty new when i made my first buggy. So i think i was the first one, or at least the first one posting a finally finished conversion. well … but in the end i don’t care. the guy that inspired me was scrubout from wip, where he posted a not converted warthog next to a leman russ once. ;-)

  3. Charon sagt:

    hey bob, just checked the website. he may have built his before you (which can’t be proven). however the time date stamps prove you posted yours first feb 28, 2009. as opposed to his apr 18, 2009.

    im kinda partial to your space wolves version myself. have you concidered conversions for fenrisian and or thunder wolves.

  4. Callum sagt:

    i think i might need to copy your idea but for Imperial guard or scouts for black templars with close combat weapons

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