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wolflord – introduction




in feb 2008 i had to tidy up my room, in which i’m using to work on my 40k-stuff. i decided to start sorting all of my bitz, spread in more than 10 boxes all over the room.

while sorting, i recognized the sheer amount of bitz that could be used to build bigger things than normal infantry.

well … to be honest, i expected something like that, because i knew that in 2005-2008 i was working on many vehicle-projects that caused a quite big amount of not needed bitz. espacialy bigger ones. there were projects using defilers, landraiders, etc, …

after a short while and with the fact in mind that the apocalypse addon was released a few months before i decided to build another titan. – def bigger than a warhound and maybe even bigger than a reaver, but most likely smaller than a warlord.

i knew that there’d be huge amount of bitz available for this project, so i decided to use as many original bitz as possible and with that try to avoid using papercard or plasticcard. from my current pov i know that this was probably the best decission done in this project. because it turned out as a perfect way to avoid “descaling” or “detail-underrun” , just to give you an idea what i’m talking about. but i promise you to explain that later in detail.

first of all i started planing the project. with walkers i found it usefull to do another approach than with normal projects like tanks or infantry. the reason for this is quits simple: up from the beginning you’ll have to be careful that in the end everything will look anatomicaly correct and NOT unproportional ! if you are trying not to use materials with varaible size like plasticcard, but bitz, that normaly bring their characteristic shape and size with them this is even harder to achieve if you are not planing properly before starting to cut and glue the first parts. ;-) another important aspect why planing is so important is, that this technique which already is a quite expensive one, easily becomes even more expensives when you find yourself forced to redo big parts of the project again, just because e.g. the legs turned out as not being massive enough to carry the torso.

from my last titanproject which was ~ warhound-size, i already had a rough idea how the feet could be done using leman russ turrets, defiler parts and the side sponsons from a land raider. => the decission where to start the building was done.

i think this i a good chance to finish the introduction and continue with the detailed explanation in my next post, on how i build the feet and legs.

i hope, so far you enjoyed reading …


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  1. Michael Roestenburg sagt:

    These are good tips!!
    Maybe i want to build my own Titan one day and it is important that everything fits to getter and looks good. Not that the head is to small or something.


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