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the crusaders – how to paint their armor

hello everyone,

last month i started with a new space marine army. i called them “the crusaders”. details about background, etc will come with other articles. with this article -which will be kepts very short- i only want to describe how to apply the basic colorscheme which is based on bleached bone. but before continueing i’d like to show you a picture of the minis already painted:

3finished the crusaders   how to paint their armor

this minitutorial i’m using the terminator on the right which comes from a new space hulk set.

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RC-Baneblade-Tutorial #2

yesterday i spent some time on the rc-tankproject i’m sharing in this tutorial with you. so there’s a lot of stuff to tell in this second article.

first of all i removed the motor from the old chassis…

P1040754 RC Baneblade Tutorial #2

… colored the lines and cut them.

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RC-Baneblade-Tutorial #1


hi everyone. … 

as promised before, today i start with my step by step tutorial how to build a remote controlled baneblade-variant. and to keep it simple i decided not to make it too complicated, but i promise, that in the end they will move! …. further i decided to keep it as cheap as possible to make it easier for you to copy it without the need of investing hundreds of euros, first.

i’m posting every progress i make in new articles with increasing numbers. so it should be easy for you to follow.

but now let’s start with the first one.

below you can see the basic kit that i decided to use as organ donor. of course there’s also some other stuff you’ll need, but for the beginning this very cheap leo2 from heng long is the most important thing, because we’ll take motor, controller, batterypack, electronics and lights from it. this tanks costs 35 euros on german ebay. the quality is lousy and the model itself is not really a leo2, but more a mixture of leo2, t90 and abrams …. – but to be honest that’s exactly what makes it so perfectly fitting for what we are planning to do.

P1040751 RC Baneblade Tutorial #1

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Remote Controlled Land Raider -Crusader

Remote Controlled Land Raider

- introduction -

i always wanted to combine my liking for rc-models and toys with warhammer40000. further, for a space marine player the land raider is the ultimate tank. => than with the new redeemer released, i had no other choice than to rc it.

up to this moment there were 2 great projects regarding rc-Land Raiders already known in the comunity. one of them was a superb Dark Angels Land Raider, that was much bigger than 40k-scale, but a really great job allthough. the 2nd one was 40k-scale,  but unfortunately not wireless. so i decided to build the first 40k-scaled land raider that is actually remote controlled, because of no cable between control and model. my investigations result was, that no one has finished something similar before, so it was completely up to me to solve all related problems on my own.


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mobile infantry – buildlog – tutorial

Constructiondetails about the Death Hunters

- how to combine warthogs with land speeders -

the most important part in this conversion is the the following one, which is the seatsection, taken from a land speeder. simply cut this part, at the green line ….


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mobile infantry – gallery

Space Wolves – Death Hunters

Halo # 40k => Landspeeder 4×4

Today i’d like to share my Death Hunters with you. Now you might ask: what the hell are “death hunters” ???…. i’ll tell you, but first of all, let me give you some background-information.

space wolves death hunters

there are some things about space wolves, that everyone collecting them should take care for: they don’t like to teleport, they don’t like small rooms ….. , and last but not least thy do not like antigrav-technilogy. the issue mentioned last and the fact, that my army still needed some fast units, caused me to search for an alternative verhicle. finally i found mcFarlanes warthog from the halo3-series fitting perfectly for 40k. – i searched the web and found out, that once again, i’d probably be the first one to try this. as i started with the first vehicle the response from sip,b&c,gw-fanworld etc was stunning and the feedback positive in most cases. => i decided to build 3 complete squadrons, each consisting of 3 buggys.

a new unit was born. and i named them:


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my lords land raider – part2: gunners and a dozerblade.

- part 2: gunners and a dozerblade-

building a adequate vehicle for a wolflord

i think today there’s no need for an introduction or something …. because most of you should have already read the first part of this series which was about the reliefs. this article should be seen as  the second part to complete the conversions- and buid-related matter in this series. as the headline says this one will start with the gunners. so let’s get down to business …. :

DSCN3195.jpg picture by BobPanda

in the pic on the left you can see the gunner on top, firing the multimelter. the first thing you might notice is his cape that was made using realclothing. (later i’ll write an article about this technique, because everytime i post models, where i used it, i get several requests to describe how it exactly works…) a quite simply and efficient technique which uses real cottoncloth and superglue to create clothy things. ;-)  the colar is made out of GS and should represent some kind of hairy pelt. further the cape is connected to the armor with a chain around the marines neck. next thing you can see on this pic is that the gunner is not simply “sitting” on the roof, but little higher on a additional turret, that i attached on top of the LR. it came from a german gepard tank in 1:35. smaller details in this pic are, the small tin bar in top of the melter-shields to give them more stability and the completely redesigned rearsection, including exhaustings, fuelbarrel and ventilation-unit taken from a leopard2 model in ~1:48 or something. Read more →


Wolflord on Wolfdread aka Dreadrider

lets start to build

when building something new from scratch the most important thing is, to keep an eye on the proportions. with this specific model it was relatively easy to keep everything harmonic, because there are only two parts that need to fit together in the end: the head and the remaining body. everthing else is just accessoires. so i started with the body:

first i took an old plasticdread from my bitzbox, attached the arms of a furioso the other way round and finaly glued the cybots bottom to a pair of  legs coming from a old sentinel. i evaluated the arms as being too short and therefore replaced the claws by ordinary cybotlegs.  if you believe it or not, to get this basic body scheme only took me about 10 minutes.

DSCN3412.jpg picture by BobPanda







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my lords land raider – part1: the relief

- part 1: the relief -

building a adequate vehicle for a wolflord


up from the moment when the new plastic landraider came out quite many years ago, i always wanted to build the tank, this article will be all about: a very unique and special landraider-conversion for one of my space wolves’ greatest heroes. i wanted to create something  that would  really give the impression of being a very old and personalized verhicle with a crew that had served this verhicles owner in hundrets of battles.

so i decided to realize 2 major conversions:

- the first one would be to add some crew-members, by redesigning the turrets on top and crewing them with gunners.

P1010909.jpg picture by BobPandaP1010910.jpg picture by BobPanda

- the second one was something that -as far as i know-, up to this moment, no one had done before. i wanted to add some personal history on the lanraiders sidearmor by adding some kind of relief there, showing the lord as a bloodclaw on the left and as a grey hunter on the right side.


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Wolflord on Wolfdread aka Dreadrider


i recently got some mails from people asking me questions about the heavily converted dreadnought which can be seen on my pages banner. most of them just wanted to know which bitz i used, how the conversion got done, what i counts as or if i could post some pics from wip status. but some of them -which really impressed me- also wanted to know a bout the models background or the basic idea that initiated me to start this project. so i realized that were seems to be some sort of common interest out there for more information about this specific model and i decided to write my next article about it.

comp_dread.jpg picture by BobPanda
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